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Live streaming dates

  • 20 april 12:00 CEST Live Streaming Decentraland
  • 27 april 12:00 CEST Live Streaming Roblox
  • 4 may 12:00 CEST Live Streaming The Sandbox
  • 11 may 12:00 CEST Live Streaming VR Chat
  • 17 may 12:00 CEST Live Streaming Spatial
  • 31 may 12:00 CEST Live Streaming Hiber World

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Decentraland is currently one of the most popular Metaverse worlds. It’s a hub for digital events and NFT trading. What makes Decentraland unique is the easy access, thanks to being a browser based world. The world is lively and colorful. You never know what you’re going to find around the next corner.


Roblox is an incredibly huge Metaverse world with over 40 million experiences. You are almost guaranteed to have heard of it at some point. It’s completely free, available for PC and Mobile devices, making it very popular among young users. Roblox is also home to a lot of big brands, such as Nike, Puma and Spotify.


The Sandbox is one of the absolutely most anticipated Metaverse worlds. Many big companies have already purchased land and made partnerships with The Sandbox to secure their future in the Metaverse. Many users enjoy the extensive marketplace to buy, sell and create digital assets (NFT’s).


VRChat is really something else – the main thing here is to talk and socialize with people from all the world. The whole Metaverse world is built by the users and there are no companies and marketing in this world. 


Spatial is a more grown-up Metaverse World where companies can purchase entire buildings for internal/external communication. You will find a lot of art in this world with wonderful landscapes.


Hiber World is a Swedish Metaverse world with more than 5 million user generated games. It is really easy to create games and you can also stream it from your own homepage.

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